Eco HI-Ball

Shower Head for Sink

Product Features

Eco Hi-Ball Shower Head for Kitchen generates anions.

365 soft, fine yet strong water streams help keep vegetables fresh and wash the dishes, etc.

Easy connection to a sink hose!

Easy installation!

Simple, practical design!

Effective, powerful cleansing effect!

Ultra minute hole- Plate

  • Let water come out through 0.23mm minute holes and be saved up to 60%.
  • Generates a lot of anions such as in case of a waterfall.
  • Let stronger water stream pass through 365 ultra minute holes, helping fine, effective cleansing.

Parts Name and Product Specification

Cobra type

Hand type

Pre-Treatment Filter

Removal of floating matters such as residual chlorine that flowed in water, rust in pipes, and sand prevents secondary pollution when washing the dishes, vegetables, etc., helping live a cleaner dietary life. Filter replacement needs to be carried out once every 3~4 months.(It may differ depending on water quality.)

Pre-treatment filter (chlorine removal ball)

Removal of residual chlorine in tap water helps supply clean water, keeping vegetables and cereals fresh.

Water Stream Conversion (Left/Right) Button

Soft, movable Left/Right Ball Button can easily change water stream.

Non-Woven Filter for Bathroom

Product Features

Removal of floating matters in water, rust, etc. helps supply fresh, clean water and prevent secondary pollution as well.

  • Inhibits skin wastes
  • Anti-skin aging
  • Removes floating mattersNon-

Residual Chlorine Removal Filter

Product Features

Removal of residual chlorine in water prevents skin trouble and is effective for hair loss prevention and deodorization.

  • Removes residual chlorine in water.
  • Prevents skin trouble.
  • Prevents hair loss caused by residual chlorine.
  • Deodorization effect1.

Non-Woven Filter for Kitchen

Product Features

Removal of residual chlorine in water helps supply clean water and keep vegetables and cereals fresh.

  • Keeps vegetables and cereals fresh.
  • Removes floating matters, residual chlorine, and wastes in water.
  • Deodorization effect
  • Prevents skin trouble.

How to Replace Filter

1. Separate a top cap from the body,
and then the polluted filter.

2. Replace a filter.

3. Lock a top cap to prevent leakage,
and then connect the body to the faucet.

Be careful so that rubber ring doesn’t get lost when assembling the product for the purpose of filter replacement. Absence of rubber ring may cause leakage.

Filter life may change depending on water usage, water pressure, and water quality.