Eco HI-Ball

Eco Roll Cleaner

Characteristic Point

  • New Technology Products registered as a Patented Technology
  • Excellent semi-permanent economical use by washing with water
  • Confirmed 30 major non-detection tests of hazardous substances!
  • The Soft Gel is with a strong adhesive force to collect all the dirt on the cleaner!
  • Verified 50,000 times by the adhesion test performed at an authorized laboratory!
  • Eco-friendly & economical product that reduces waste disposal.
  • Elastic and flexible gel can reach every corner & narrow gaps.
  • 100% Korean technology-based reliable products made with advanced production.
  • Separating different colors/usages makes it more convenient to be hygienic. (Clothes,Bedding, Floor carpet, Pet, Baby, Car, etc.)
  • Sophisticated design makes it more convenient functionally.
  • Stand-type and integrated structure make it easy to store without a case.
  • High quality with improved cleaning power and surface water repellency, due to development of the high surface roughness.

Usages and Effects of Eco Roll Cleaner

Keep clean for a long time with strong adhesive force and renewable power.


remove all kinds of dust, dandruff, hair, and black dust.


Crevices, deep spaces between the seams, and pressed dust.

Floor, Wall

Various kinds of Carpet & floor dusts

Fellow Animal

The powerful detergent effect of Eco Hi-Ball means that there is no need for any chemical powders or liquids. Ordinary chemical detergents works by reducing the attraction between water molecules, making them less ‘sticky’ – in other words, they make water ‘wetter’.The oxidation effect of Eco Hi-Ball works like a detergent by making the water molecule cluster smaller, reducing the viscosity of water – but without using any chemicals.

Baby Products

Protect your baby from the dust which is the origin of germ - Doll, stroller, bedding before/after laundry, bed corners.


removes dirt that does not disappear even when washed.

Inside the car

Clean every corner, seat, as well as the trunk that can not be washed even if you brush it off.

Cleaning Method of Eco Roll Cleaner

  • Rubbing the surface in water or running through water gently.
  • Since it may be difficult to re-assemble for children, we recommend washing without disassembling.
  • You can use it again immediately after removing the water completely.
  • You may use a neutral detergent for better results when adhesiveness decreases. (Oil dust is the cause of deterioration of detergency and viscosity.)