Eco HI-Ball


all natural
and organic

kills 99.9%

no chemicals

third party independent lab
tested to effectively clean dishes



Product Name Eco Hi-Ball for Dishwasher
Size 200mm x 16mm Shape Circle Type (Disc)
Weight 380g Component Specific Ceramic Balls
Material for Cover Heat-resistant PP Composition 1

Product Summary

As an alternative to dishwasher detergents that contain harsh chemicals, the Eco Hi-Ball cleans your dishes without using any detergents. The Eco Hi-Ball protects your family’s health by killing 99.9% of germs, while removing food remains that otherwise might remain on your dishes.

Detergent-free Eco Hi-Ball purifies the water, removing water scale, bacteria, mold and odors in dishwasher and drain, keeping your dishwasher as shiny as new.

The Eco Hi-Ball is very environmentally friendly. Using Eco Hi-Ball, you are putting absolutely no harmful detergents or chemicals into the environment.


Activation of water molecules

Eco Hi-Ball activates ordinary tap water by increasing the ionization of the molecular structure (the microscopic positive and negative electrical charges on the surface of atoms).


Eco Hi-Ball has superior disinfection properties, eliminating odors, mold and harmful bacteria.


Eco Hi-Ball protects your family’s health by purifying the water, removing chemical residues such as detergents and chlorine not only from the water but also from your dishes.

Oxidation (detergent effect)

The powerful detergent effect of Eco Hi-Ball means that there is no need for any chemical powders or liquids. Ordinary chemical detergents works by reducing the attraction between water molecules, making them less ‘sticky’ – in other words, they make water ‘wetter’.The oxidation effect of Eco Hi-Ball works like a detergent by making the water molecule cluster smaller, reducing the viscosity of water – but without using any chemicals.

Anti-corrosive properties

Eco Hi-Ball inhibits metal corrosion (rusting), extending the life of your dishwasher and drains by keeping them clean and shiny.

Environmentally friendly and safe

Because it contains no chemicals, you are not putting any harmful chemicals into the environment.

Quick Start

  • Place the Eco Hi-Ball into the dishwasher’s plate rack just like a plate.
  • Select the desired wash cycle. (The Eco Hi-Ball works best in warm water.)
  • After removing your clean dishes from the dishwasher, you do not need to remove the Eco Hi-Ball you can leave the Eco Hi-Ball in the dishwasher, ready for its next use.
  • To maintain the best performance from Eco Hi-Ball, rinse the Eco Hi-Ball in running water for about a minute and allow it to dry in direct sunlight for one to two hours every 2 weeks.

How to use Eco Hi-Ball
for Dishwashers

1. dishwasher door open

2. dishwasher door close

3. dishwasher door open


How to get the best results from your dishwasher

  • After the meal, soak your dishes in warm water in the sink or washing bowl.
  • After soaking, use warm running water to rinse off any leftover food from your dishes, using a scrubber if necessary.
  • Place your dishes in the dishwasher.

CautionWhen you put glassware or spoons, forks, knives made out of metals in the sink for a long time (a day or two), then there will be water stain/dirt on those glassware and utensils due to grease/oil left on plates or juice residue on cups. Also, wipe out fingerprints or lipstick residue with sponge so plates can be washed clean.

In areas with hard water, whether you use ordinary detergents or Eco Hi-Ball, ‘water spots’ may be left on the dishes after washing.

These water spots do not contain harmful chemicals. Many water supplies are 'hard', containing a lot of calcium compounds (actually beneficial to health), that leaves ‘lime scale’ in kettles and water pipes.

There are three easy ways to prevent or remove these 'water spots'

  • A quick rinse under warm running water will remove the spots, or
  • You can prevent the spots from forming by not selecting the auto-dry function.At the end of the cycle, open the dishwasher door and allow the dishes to dry in the air, or
  • Select another quick wash or rinse cycle. (You can use auto-dry if you like) Open the dishwasher. IMPORTANT ? remove the Eco Hi-Ball from the dishwasher. Add two to three spoons (about 20ml or less) of ordinary white vinegar (do not use vinegar concentrate, which is too strong). The mild acidity of the vinegar will remove the mildly alkaline calcium compounds. Close the door and continue the cycle.

Cleaning Power Test Report

In a third-party independent testing, the cleaning power of the Eco Hi-Ball has been tested to effectively clean dishes.