Eco HI-Ball

Power Clean


Product Name ECO Hi-Ball Power Clean
Dimension 100mm x 105mm (1Ball) Appearance Globe Type
Weight 180g (1Ball) Property of Product Specific Ceramic Ball
Exterior Material SEBS (TR TPE Compound) Configuration 2 pieces

What is "Eco Hi-Ball Power Clean?"

"Eco Hi-Ball Power Clean" is an Eco-friendly product that washes laundry without using detergent.

Eco Hi-Ball Power Clean uses bioceramics which emit far infrared anions to change the properties of water. Using the principles of oxidation-reduction, it is able to clean clothes naturally without any chemicals for up to 1,000 loads. Over the years, customers have rated "Eco Hi-Ball Power Clean" as a top item in laundry, Achieving international popularity and support, such as in Asia, Europe and North America. "Eco Hi-Ball Power Clean" a clean, cost effective, eco-friendly alternate to detergent.

How does the "Eco Hi-Ball Power Clean" Work?

When the “Eco Hi Ball Power Clean” is placed inside the washer with clothes, bioceramics reacts with and dissolve in the water. The organic bioceramics emit far infrared rays that react with the water to change the pH balance into alkaline water. Altering the properties of water allows the water to penetrate through the fabric and easily remove dirt for the clothes.

Benefits of "Eco Hi-Ball Power Clean"

Save money! Economical!

Eco Hi-Ball Power Clean is used without detergent. It is economical because it saves energy, water and time by reducing the number of rinse cycles.

Keep your clothes like new

Using “Eco Hi-Ball Power Clean” without detergent prevents damaging fabrics on the clothes and prevents color fading. Keep your clothes like new.

Before Laundry
(contaminated fabric)

When using Eco Hi-Ball Power Clean
(almost no fabric damage)

When using regular detergent
(some damage, such as rip)

When using concentrated detergent
(severe fabric damage)

No detergent residue left behind

“Eco Hi-Ball Power Clean” is all natural, allergen free product which decomposes impurities in the fabrics and kills 99.9% of all bacteria. No chemicals are produced from “Eco Hi-Ball Power Clean”. Safe and hygienic for babies and people with sensitive skin types. Protecting your family’s health from harsh chemical detergents.

Be Healthier with Anions / Far-infrared ray

It is recommended to use "Eco Hi-Ball Power Clean" to wash daily clothes and fabrics that are directly contacting with the skin.Anions & Far-infrared ray generated from the "Eco Hi-Ball Clean" provide positive effects on children's and adult's skin suffering from chemical detergents.

Eco Friendly!

“Eco Hi-Ball power Clean” does not contain any chemical detergent at all. One of the most polluting household waste water sources is from the washing machine, contaminating our rivers and lakes. With Eco Hi-Ball Power Clean, we can minimize chemicals leaving our houses and help to preserve our green planet.

In addition, when using the “Eco Hi-Ball Power Clean”, it saves water by reducing the number of rinse cycles and contributes to improving and protecting the environment by lowering the BOD and COD level that represents the pollution level in water.

Instructions of Use

In the Washing Machine

  • 01Load the washer with clothes normally then drop the “Eco Hi-Ball Power Clean” in and fill the washer with desired water.
  • 02 It is recommended but not required to soak the “Eco Hi-Ball Power Clean” in the water along with the clothes for 20~30min, give time for the bio-ceramics inside the “Eco Hi-Bal Power Clean” to dissolve with the water for maximum effectiveness.
  • 03Wash through all cycles normally.
  • 04Remove “Eco Hi-Ball Power Clean” after final spin cycle.

Deodorizes! Sanitizes! Kills Bacterial! As Effective as Detergent!

For Best Results

  • 01Leave “Eco Hi-Ball Power Clean” in the washer from beginning to the end of the entire laundry cycle.
  • 02Eco Hi Ball Power Clean” is tested to be as effective as detergent, however tough strains will still need to be pretreated.
  • 03It is ok to add a little bit of detergent or bleach. It will not negatively affect the “Eco Hi-Ball Power Clean”.
  • 04Effects will be maximized if the load is pre-soaked before washing.
  • 05Select “Normal” Wash cycle instead of “Light”
  • 06Do not overload the washing machine.
  • 07Important—Dry “Eco Hi-Ball Power Clean” in direct sunlight, preferably outside, once every 2 weeks to release the odors and enhance the bioceramics performance for continuous use.