Eco HI-Ball

Eco Roll Cleaner Pad

The product features of Eco Roll Cleaner-Pad

  • Excellent semi-permanent economical use by washing with water
  • Confirmed 30 major non-detection tests of hazardous substances!
  • The Soft Gel is with a strong adhesive force to collect all the dirt on the cleaner!
  • Eco-friendly & economical product that reduces waste disposal.
  • Elastic and flexible gel can reach every corner & narrow gaps.
  • 100% Korean technology-based reliable products made with advanced production.
  • Clean-removal even after attachment inside a car or on home appliances.
  • Simply attaching to car interior as cell phone holder
    (it can be used anywhere, e.g. leather seats)
  • Clean dusts from every crevices between car seats
  • It can be used as an important memo and stationary holder on an office desk
  • Gel pad is portable and washable. It is easy to use anywhere, any time!
  • Excellent in removing any clothing dust, lint, and pet hair.

Cleaning method of Eco Roll Cleaner- Pad

  • Rubbing the surface in water or running through water gently.
  • You can use it again immediately after removing the water completely.
  • You may use a neutral detergent for better results when adhesiveness decreases.
    (Oil dust is the cause of deterioration of detergency and viscosity.)
  • If there is no water available, you can temporarily remove the foreign matter with wet tissues.

How To Use

Fixed type Eco Roll Cleaner- Pad


  • Use for various holders
  • Mounting a Mobile phone used as a navigator or while talking on the phone.
  • Mounting the navigator (Compression type is often dropped)
  • Holding accessories(Business cards, Contact memos, pens)
  • Removing dust in the narrow gap


  • Attaching to refrigerator, wall, or furniture side and using as a sticky pad
  • Holding any rolling items on children’s desk
  • Fixing small household items
  • Holding accessories(Business cards, pens)


  • Holding memos
  • Mounting a mobile phone/Attaching documents temporarily

Use after attaching anywhere

If excess dirt is on the pad and the adhesion is low, rinse with water and use it almost as the first time!

Portable type Eco Roll Cleaner- Pad

For Mobile phone

  • Open the back cover with the double-sided cover and attach it to the mobile phone.
  • Open and use the cover whenever necessary (removing dust and attaching)
  • Open the cover and attach it to the desired location while driving
  • Open the cover and fix it by attaching it anywhere when children is watching the video in the rear seat.
  • Open the front cover and fix it when using the auxiliary battery.
  • Free your hands ~!

For pocket or bag

  • Easy to carry around in the portable case
  • Use it when you need it
  • Simply remove clothing dust even when outside

If excess dirt is on the pad and the adhesion is low, rinse with water and use it almost as the first time!